Why We Need Organic Farming

Why We Need Organic Farming

With the need of increasing population we not only need to meet daily food requirements but to increase it further on sustainable basis. According to scientists ‘green revolution’ with high inputs has reached to maximum plateau level and now its graph is decreasing with the passage of time.

Organic farming is the best possible way to reduce future costs of fossil fuels and agrochemicals. The key points to adopt organic farming include soil protection in a way that will encourage biological activities, it provide crop nutrients indirectly by action of insoluble nutrient sources.

Pests, diseases and insect control relay on natural crop rotations, organic maturing, resistant varieties and limited chemical interventions.

The basic need of adopting organic farming is to give careful attention to the impact of farming system on wider environment and wildlife conservation. It is obtain through extensive management systems of livestock with full knowledge of evolutionary adaptation, by observing behavioral needs, breeding and rearing.

FAO suggested that this farming scheme is a unique production system that promotes, agro ecosystem health, soil biological activities, biodiversity by including on farm mechanical, biological methods.

According to USDA it simply excludes use of all synthetic inputs like hormones.

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