What You Should Know About Organic Cotton

What You Should Know About Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is also known as just cotton. It is grown in the United States, China and Turkey. All plants that produce the organic cotton are not genetically modified. Also, in order to grow an organic product, farmers cannot use pesticides and herbicides. In the United States, plantations that make organic cotton must meet the NOP (National Organic Program) regulations. The production of organic cotton is growing each year. The growing rate is more than 50%.

Cotton covers approximately 2.5% of the cultivated land on the planet. However, this number is increasing as we speak. However, conventionally grown cotton uses 16% of the insecticides used in the whole planet. It isn’t very good for the environment nor for people. You must know that those chemicals are harmful to the air and water, because they pollute them. These chemicals may also irritate the skin of people.

Organic cotton is much safer and better alternative in general. People who have grown this type of cotton: protect the air and surface waters, eliminate the use of toxic chemicals in cotton production and reduce their effect on the environment. If you want to start with the organic cotton farming, you must satisfy all standards that are determined by the Organic Food Production Act. The act has been used since 1990. Of course, this is the law in the United States. The main goal of this act is to control the production and handling of products that have been grown organic. You must know that this is much harder than conventional farming. But, organic farming is a much safer alternative that will be the only way of farming in the future.

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