An Overview Of Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation

An Overview Of Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation

The Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act, commonly referred to as EEOICPA, was enacted to offer medical benefits as well as compensation to the employees who have fallen sick due to excessive exposure to radiation and hazardous materials at the workplaces. However, compensation for lost wages and full medical benefits are provided to the sick workers if only certain conditions are fulfilled.

Usually the EEOICPA allows the employees at certain facilities (mainly Department of Energy) to claim for compensation that will cover their full medical expenses as well as lost wages only if they fall sick at those sites as well as places of some of its vendors.

Adjudication of Issues

The Department of Labour (DOL) is entrusted with the responsibilities of negotiating the issues related to any claim for compensation benefits and lost wages under the EEOICPA. The DOL is assisted to fulfill its duties by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Department of Justice (DOJ) and the DOE.

Occupational Illnesses Covered under EEOICPA

The EEOICPA is applicable to certain types of occupational illnesses if only the workers fall ill due to exposure to radioactive and other hazardous substances at the workplaces. These illnesses include the followings:

  • Chronic Silicosis
  • Beryllium Illnesses
  • Certain Cancers

However, the claimant is required to produce proofs in form of medical reports and the physician’s prescription to establish the presence of any of these illnesses. In addition, it is also the claimant’s responsibility to prove that exposure to the dangerous elements at the workplace caused the disease.

For More Information

If anyone is interested to scoop out more information about the benefits available to the employees under the EEOICPA, he/she should read the EEOICPA Pamphlet or make a visit to the DOL’s web page.

The DOL has set up Resource Centres across the country to provide details about the EEOICPA as well as help the eligible employees file compensation claims.

Let us mention here for the individuals, who want information related to the state workers compensation assistance program administered by the DOE covered under Part D of EEOICPA, that the program was done away with according to an amendment on 28th October of 2004.

The compensation claim made under the Part D program are now governed by DOL to consider the benefits available under Part E. Any worker seeking information for the compensation claim should reach out to the DOL.

Role of DOE

The DOE provides data and records about the worker and facility to the DOL in order to help them with decision making and support the administration of the EEOICPA. Moreover, the DOE maintains a rooster of facilities available under the EEOICPA. This list is published via the Federal Register and updated periodically.

Apart from the above-stated functions, the DOE always maintains a Covered Facility Database that is easy to search for information. The database is full of additional information related to all the facilities published in the Federal Register, including an overview pertaining to the functions of the facilities and years of activity.

The department encourages additional information or valuable comments in regards to the facilities listed under EEOICPA. If new information is in line with the new list or expanded time span, the list is immediately updated.

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