Olive Oil Beauty Secrets – Olive Oil Benefits

Olive Oil Beauty Secrets - Olive Oil Benefits

Olive oil is one of the most essential oil which finds almost in every kitchen. But lot of people do not that olive oil also has various beauty profits as well. Olive oil is also very beneficial for overall health such as for heart, stomach, colon cancer and so on. This oil is also very effective for skin care; use of olive oil helps you in promoting the healthy and smooth complexion, softens your skin and maintains the skin elasticity. Olive oil is also work as an anti-aging product. Given below are some benefits of olive oil

Olive oil is very effective it can be used as facial scrub and also for skin tightening gel. You can give the proper massage with olive oil on your face and apply salt on your face and scrub then clean your face with lukewarm water; this technique helps you to wash out the dry and dead skin and also lightens the skin.

You can also prepare the combination of olive oil, water, vinegar and apply it as cream before sleeping at night. This gives you healthy and glowing skin.

You can also prepare the facial masks by mixing olive oil, egg yolk and honey and apply on the face for about 15 minutes and wash it off. Olive oil also helps you to take care of chapped lips. You can also apply olive oil on hands and feet also.

You can also make use of olive oil as bath oil. You can also make use of hair loss treatment. You can wash your hair and apply olive oil and cover your head with towel for about 20 minutes.  Olive oil is also act as conditioner for hair and also very useful to take care of frizzy hair.

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