Non-Surgical Nose Job: Temporary Nose Filler Facts

Non-Surgical Nose Job: Temporary Nose Filler Facts

A non-surgical nose job may seem like an easier solution to you compared to a surgical rhinoplasty, but it’s not for everyone. The procedure may have some benefits, but it also has some drawbacks.

The Procedure

A non-surgical rhinoplasty consists of using fillers to adjust or correct specific problems with the nose. A surgeon may use a filler to adjust the angle of an upturned nose or correct any depressed areas on the nose.

There are several fillers available to use, but one common option is to use a filler that contains hyaluronic acid, such as Restalyne or Juvederm. Hyaluronic acid isn’t an acid but a type of sugar produced by the body. When fillers are used for a non-surgical nose job, the substance can make the nose look more even and symmetrical or fill in depressions on the bridge.

Another filler often used is, Radiesse, which is made from a heavy material called calcium hydroxylapatite. The substance is also found in human bone. When the filler is injected into the nose, calcium hydroxylapatite prompts the production of collagen under the skin, giving structure and support to the reshaped nose.

Recovery Time

The recovery time of a non-surgical rhinoplasty is considerably shorter than a surgical rhinoplasty. After rhinoplasty, you’ll usually need about ten days before you can get back to work or other daily activities. The procedure itself is pretty quick. While rhinoplasty surgery can take a few hours and requires the use of anaesthesia, a non-surgical procedure at Shire Cosmetic Medicine Sydney can take as little as 15 minutes. A numbing cream may be applied to the area, so you don’t feel any discomfort.

How Long Results Last

Other than being minimally invasive, the main thing that separates a non-surgical nose job from surgical rhinoplasty is the longevity of the results. The changes made to the nose during surgical rhinoplasty are permanent. How long the results from a non-surgical rhinoplasty last depends on the substance used. Hyaluronic acid fillers generally wear off within eight to nine months. Whereas the results from Radiesse fillers usually last up to 18 months.

What A Non-Surgical Nose Job Can’t-Do

A non-surgical rhinoplasty is focused on the outside of the nose. It can fill in areas or smooth out bumps. But, there are certain things that it can’t-do; It also can’t make the tip of your or bridge of your nose slimmer. It can’t eliminate or smooth out large humps on the nose. It also can’t correct a deviated septum.

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